Friday, June 19, 2009

We're Off!

Well, I’m sitting here at home waiting on Brittany to pick me up to drive to Columbiana to pick up the pups and the van. I just wanted to share with all of you some amazing news…. We were able to raise $1,122.57! Wow! When we set up the paypal account I really thought we might get a couple hundred dollars from friends and family but man, you guys sure did step it up. I cannot express to you the feeling I felt every time a donation came in. Especially those from people all across the country who don’t even know us. We will never be able to thank you enough. The average cost of the trip is around $800 but that is including food which Brittany and I are planning to pay for ourselves so I hope that when we get back, we will be able to make quite a nice donation to the Shelter Partners program.

We also have felt so unbelievably lucky to have such wonderful friends and co-workers who made us CD’s and care packages. A big shout out to all of you, whom I’m sure we will be calling and harassing as we make our way through all the wonderful music.

P.S. We got a sweet note from our friend Kristen asking us to show all of you this cutie which is available for adoption at the Greater Birmingham Humane Society. If any of you are thinking about adopting, I think she'd be a great candidate!


  1. I'm so excited today!! 33 dogs will have a new home tomorrow because of you. I love you both and thank you.

    For those of you interested in the sweet pup above at GBHS, her name is Lucy. She is a year old. She is spayed, very intelligent, highly social and an absolutely adorable hound dog! She is there now and waiting for her new home :)

  2. I can't stop thinking about y'all. Please be careful and keep us posted or we will be calling you every second :)
    Love you!!!