Friday, June 19, 2009

New Hampshire Bound

Hello from the road! We finally got settled and thought it was time for a real post with pictures and details. Brooke is driving... so, heres to my first official post!

First of all, we would like to say a huge THANK YOU to a few people:

Our friend Rodney Hightower, who so kindly let us borrow his Verizon Wireless air card so we would have internet access on the road! This is priceless! We are currently blogging while trucking down Interstate 59! Isn't technology amazing?? Thanks Rodney!!!

On our way to the shelter this morning, I surprised Brooke with a 'Shout Out' from my friend Reg who is the morning DJ on Live 100.5. I emailed Reg about our trip yesterday and asked if he would play a Guster song for Brooke and he came through for us! He informed all of the Live 100.5 listeners about the Shelter Partners program and played the Guster song "Happiness" for Brooke! She will thrilled and surprised! Thanks Reg!

We arrived at the Shelby County Humane Society this morning at 9am to find the van already loaded with the pups! Sara at the shelter gave us a notebook with information about the trip as well as a list of the 31 dogs who will be traveling with us.
So far so good! We have been on the road for two hours and the dogs have been extremely quiet! They all look very comfortable and relaxed! There are a couple of barkers, but even those have settled down and are napping now. Out of all the dogs, about 75% of them are young puppies (under 4 months old!). They are all beautiful with sweet personalities and we just cannot imagine how none of them have been adopted!

Just in case you are curious.... the van is very nice! We have way more room and comfort than we had anticipated. The CD player is already coming in handy for the mix cds all of our friends made for us! Logan (Brooke's co-worker)- we are already on track 15 of your cd and we LOVE it!

Please pray for good weather- it's looking like it might be a little rainy up north!

Here are some photos.... more to come later:

We will leave you with a pic of our two friends, Happy Harold and Positive Polly the Parrot (compliments of our friends Valerie and Lauren) who are here to keep us in good spirits!

P.S. About to cross the GA line!! Please feel free to comment- we will be checking often!


  1. Looking good ladies.... just think this time tomorrow you will already be there :-)

  2. ahhh I am so excited for you all!!!! keep the updates coming. p.s. thanks for posting poker on your blog :)

  3. Congratulations ladies!!!! Hope the weather stays great and that Positive Polly keeps Negative Nellie in check. Looking forward to future posts. P.S. Those Scooby snacks Britt left on the kitchen counter are a little addicting. Will do my best to make sure SOME of them are still there when you get back! But that cinnamon crunch bagel didn't last 10 minutes!

  4. Hey, it's Michelle. YAY! I'm so happy to see you guys are on the road. The updates are fantastic. Is there a dog named Sable (a collie mix) on the van? I had her at PetSmart last weekend and she is so sweet ... loves to be brushed and petted!