Monday, June 1, 2009

Thank You Erika!

A huge thank you to Erika of Urban Grace Interiors! She is by far my favorite blogger and we can’t thank her enough for posting about our trip on her blog today. As Erika said, we are trying to raise money, (every dollar counts, no amount to small) but we most of all are so thankful for the encouragement and prayers. And we are dead serious about the mix CD’s!

Erika’s adorable rescue dogs Penelope and Paisley!


  1. I just read this on Erika's blog and I just donated to sponsor a dog! What you guys are doing is awesome! Keep up the great work!

  2. hello. I too am a rescued creature. Found you from The Girl's friend Kate who found you from Erika... cool. I am in charge of our pack here, my Girl use to have a dogwalking company and do LOADS of rescue, so we are 3.5 strong and she CLAIMS there is a micro-flushable rescued puppy coming along soon but I think she just likes to torture me.


  3. You are more than welcome girls! I can't wait to follow your adventure!!!!!

  4. Good luck girls, this is such a great cause!!! I am excited to keep up with your adventure! ;)