Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tornado Dogs

Hello everyone!  We are so blessed to say that we personally did not have any damage from the horrible tornadoes that ripped through Birmingham.  We had 4 humans, 4 dogs and one cat hunkered down in our basement to ride out the storm.  

Shelby Humane really kicked it into high gear after the storm.  They sent vans to Tuscaloosa to pick up dogs from the damaged shelters there.  They also sent THREE vans full of dogs up north last week (http://www.goingthedistancetosavelives.blogspot.com/) in order to make room for incoming storm dogs. 

Check out this great video from a news station in Maine about that transport!


Brittany and I are still trying to work through our schedules to find a date when we can make another trip together, hopefully it will be sooner than later!

Please continue to keep the storm victims in your prayers, 2 and 4 legged!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Trip and Event

Hello everyone!  Two quick news tidbits.  Our friend Jenny (who is the NEW Executive Director for Shelby Humane!) is leaving on a Shelter Partners trip on Thursday.   You can follow her trip on her blog http://goingthedistancetosavelives.blogspot.com/

Also - the annual Bark n' Wine event for Shelby Humane is coming up in a few weeks.  See the invite below.

Bark n Wine Invite[1]

Brittany and I are both starting to get the 'bug' again and are looking at dates to plan our next trip!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Just Crusin'

Ok, I've been holding out on this one for a few weeks.  Life has been a little crazy for Brittany and I lately.  We had an unexpected trip back home to Tennessee, Brittany accepted a very exciting new job, I've been dealing with sickness and a car wreck (everyone is fine) and the husband and I are leaving for Mexico tomorrow!  So I just had to stop for one moment and share these photos with you guys.

A few weeks ago my husband and I were on our way home from church and all the sudden he just started dying laughing.  I could not figure out why and then I noticed a motorcycle to our left with a side car.  All the sudden I see an ear flapping in the wind.  I went NUTS.  Screaming 'SPEED UPPPPP!!!'

We got next to them and I was literally crawling on top of Daniel who was driving, so I could take photos.

I took the first photo (right as we blew past our exit so we could enjoy it a little longer) and then all the sudden the second dog popped up!  We seriosuly laughed about this for hours.


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

New Sprinter

I just had to quickly share some photos I got today of the new sprinter with the wrap on it.

Isn't it so cute!  It demands attention!