Saturday, October 30, 2010

Almost There

Brittany and Kristen made their final drop off and are headed to Joan's house.  They are obviously sleepy but in good spirits - everything went well and now they get to have fun!  Thank you so much everyone for the support and prayers!

First drop off

I just spoke to the girls and they successfully dropped off at the first shelter and are headed to the second.  They are running a little behind schedule but all is well. 

Good morning Sunshine!!

Good morning from Connecticut! We just filled up and switched places again. I'm not gonna lie, that was a tough stretch...NYC is much better when being chauffeured around by a cabbie ;)but we made it and the pups are doing great!! I think they know something good is just around the corner. 2.5 hours to go to the first shelter!


We just stopped to get gas in Pennsylvania. Kristen just took the drivers seat for her second shift. I am going to try to get a little nap and will post more in a bit! Xoxo!

Friday, October 29, 2010

One Dog at a Time Headquarters

Well, after a short stop in Brittany's hometown of Kingsport, TN. we are finally settling in and making our way through Virginia. We had a short visit with Britt's sweet dad and walked a few of the older pups. It's like the One Dog at a Time headquarters in here...we have every type of communication device you can imagine. I am completely tangled up in cords. I wish we could post some pictures of our sweet pups but we are having some technical difficulties. I will say they are a good group and whoever adopts these babies are going to be beyond lucky or should I say blessed?! I've got my eye on a few, but someone told me "every pup you take up there stays up there" ;)

Ok, I'm going to leave you with two things I have learned in Virginia...
1) It's very cold in Virginia.
2) Off highway diesel fuel does not go in the Sprinter and will cost you a $2500 fine.

B & K

P.S. Anna wins...GPS has a name. Carmen.


Brooke here. My Dad just sent me this photo, he met Brittany and Kristen in our hometown of Kingsport, Tn and brought them some Pal's for dinner....very jealous!

The girls are in Virginia now and truckin' along!

Don't Be Jealous....

Ok, we feel kinda bad for rubbing it in but.... check out this link to see our amazing prize at the end of this journey!

We love you Joan and CANNOT WAIT to see you, Ella, and hopefully Dan soon!

Sweet Home Tennessee

We are just coming through Chattanooga, TN and are admiring the beautiful scenery of Tennessee in the Fall!  We are very lucky to have such wonderful weather for our drive!  We stopped to fill up with gas (Diesel!) in Georgia are back on the road with Kristen still driving! She was worried about driving this HUGE van, but she is already a pro!  The pups are doing amazing..... they are so very quiet right now! :)

We are trying to come up with a name for our gps... actually Suzanne's gps (she was VERY generous to loan us her trusty gps this weekend).... any suggestions for a name??


Brittany called me as she and Kristen were hitting the road and said they were meeting Kristen's husband on their way out of town to pick up something. I decided that I just had to meet them too! I'm so glad I got to see all the pups and give them one last hug. They will be the first trip to drive the BRAND NEW van! Whew, makes me feel good to know that the van is in tip top shape. Here are some photos from our quick visit.

 Brittany and Kristen pulling up
 Read to go!
Lucky Pups!
 I love their shirts!
 The dog named Brooke, oh my I almost kidnapped her!
 Sugar or tiny!
 Kristen's husband Jonathan checking out the van and giving some last minute driving tips "Be careful changing lanes!"
Brittany and I


Last Minute Additions

We had two pups pulled yesterday, this happens sometimes for various reasons.  But, this morning we have some last minute passengers!


Brittany and Kristen should be leaving for the shelter any moment now!  Keep checking in throughout the day to see their updates!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

The passengers are chosen!

Here is the full list of the 33 lucky ducks (dogs) that are hitchin' a ride to NH with Brittany and Kristen!  ALL dogs that make this journey are lucky but these are extra lucky as they get to go with the two coolest girls from Birmingham to New Hampshire!  Note that there is one named Brookie and one named Brooke.  I hope that they can represent me well! This is when it starts to become 'real',  when you see these beautiful faces!

 Little Hooch
 Lucky Charms
 Mister - Has been waiting for his forever home since July. Mister, it is going to be worth the wait!
 Molly - Not many came with 'comments' but this one came with a note that says 'sweet dog'.  Joan?
 Pixie- Was dropped off in the parking lot and the owner was overheard saying 'someone will pick it up'.  You bet cha', someone is gonna pick 'it' up and drive it to New Hampsire!!!!
 Cocoa Puff

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Treat Bags

Only four days until Brittany and Kristen leave!

We got together this weekend for pizza and wine and to put together some gift bags for the lucky pups on Brittany and Kristen's trip.  I can't take credit for any of this, it was totally their idea.  They put in some doggie treats and a note with our website and a gift certificate for one of our collars, what a great idea!  Hopefully this will put us in touch with some of the adoptive families so we can get updates on the dogs.

Keep on praying for safety please!

I leave you with a video treat....Aunt Brittany bought a laser pointer for my cat but it seems like someone else was A LOT more interested in it!  This is for you Joan!

Friday, October 22, 2010


It is only one week until Brittany and Kristen's departure!  I am so excited for them, and honestly pretty jealous that I am not going.  They have decided to take an extra few days off and will be hanging with Joan in New Hampshire.  I can't wait for their journey to begin, I know it is going to be great!

I am going to give them a blogging crash course before they leave so they can keep us all updated right here on the blog.  Please please please start praying for their safety. I now know what it feels like for our loved ones when we are on the trip.  I don't think I'll be sleeping much next Friday night as they drive through the night!

I googled New Hampshire in google images and this came jealous.