Friday, October 29, 2010


Brittany called me as she and Kristen were hitting the road and said they were meeting Kristen's husband on their way out of town to pick up something. I decided that I just had to meet them too! I'm so glad I got to see all the pups and give them one last hug. They will be the first trip to drive the BRAND NEW van! Whew, makes me feel good to know that the van is in tip top shape. Here are some photos from our quick visit.

 Brittany and Kristen pulling up
 Read to go!
Lucky Pups!
 I love their shirts!
 The dog named Brooke, oh my I almost kidnapped her!
 Sugar or tiny!
 Kristen's husband Jonathan checking out the van and giving some last minute driving tips "Be careful changing lanes!"
Brittany and I



  1. HA! I knew those chihuahua pups wouldn't last too long in their cages!

  2. love seeing the "and they're off" photos!! the last one was hysterical! you funny;)!


  3. I want the Chihuahua puppies!

    You two are amazing!! Safe travels!!

  4. Be careful ladies and enjoy your trip! Update us regularly so we know all is good! We'll be watching you all day and night! Hugs and kisses to you guys and your happy passengers!