Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Treat Bags

Only four days until Brittany and Kristen leave!

We got together this weekend for pizza and wine and to put together some gift bags for the lucky pups on Brittany and Kristen's trip.  I can't take credit for any of this, it was totally their idea.  They put in some doggie treats and a note with our website and a gift certificate for one of our collars, what a great idea!  Hopefully this will put us in touch with some of the adoptive families so we can get updates on the dogs.

Keep on praying for safety please!

I leave you with a video treat....Aunt Brittany bought a laser pointer for my cat but it seems like someone else was A LOT more interested in it!  This is for you Joan!


  1. Thank you so much for ALL that you do! Our Kelly (Lakeland terrier resue) passed away in January. We were so heart broken we wanted to wait a bit to get another dog. I think our Kelly angel had other plans. We now have a airedale mix that was on the 11th hours to be euthanized at a kills shelter. The rescue group had no room to take on another dog to foster. So... needless to say this was our 1st time fostering and now have a new family member. You can read about him and see some of his photos throughout my blog.
    Again thank you for doing a wonderful job! Safe travels my friends. xo

  2. The Treat Bags are a brilliant idea- I LOVE it!! And how sweet for y'all to include a gift certificate for a collar! too,too,too sweet!!

    Brooke!- that cute pup! The whole time I kept cheering for Jed to "get that thing!" I imagine Gus is sitting on the sofa laughing at him?!!

    Only three more days till I see Brittany and Kristen! Wish you were coming too Brooke, but I'll see you in May!


  3. One more day!! A little nervous, but mostly super excited and so happy for all the sweet pups getting a new home this weekend! :) Brooke, thank you for all you've done--I love both of my B's!