Friday, October 22, 2010


It is only one week until Brittany and Kristen's departure!  I am so excited for them, and honestly pretty jealous that I am not going.  They have decided to take an extra few days off and will be hanging with Joan in New Hampshire.  I can't wait for their journey to begin, I know it is going to be great!

I am going to give them a blogging crash course before they leave so they can keep us all updated right here on the blog.  Please please please start praying for their safety. I now know what it feels like for our loved ones when we are on the trip.  I don't think I'll be sleeping much next Friday night as they drive through the night!

I googled New Hampshire in google images and this came jealous.


  1. I am sooooooo excited!! Can't wait to see Brittany & meet Kristen..... just wish you were going to be here too Brooke!

    I swear when I saw that photo I thought "did I post pictures from our walk in the woods today?!" :)

    hugs to you three!


  2. Good luck on your trip and please give Dan and my baby sister, Joanie a BIG hug from me when you see them.

  3. Oh my... I cannot believe our trip is just a few short days away!! Susan, I will give Joan a huge hug for you! I wish we could meet you too! Maybe a 'sister getaway' sometime with the four of us?!