Thursday, September 30, 2010

Collar Photos

We have received so many cute photos of some of our 'customers' and are finally getting around to sharing them.  We love these, if you have bought a collar from us, send us photos!  We are proud to announce that we have raised enough money to pay for Brittany and Kristen's trip and then some! 

The last photo is my dog Jed modeling our new Auburn collar!  We don't have it on etsy yet but if you would like one, just e-mail me.



  1. Trooper loves her new collar. I just ordered one for Max. And I need some suggestions for Aksel- he needs a pretty manly collar....

  2. Ella (and her mommy;)loves her new collar!
    These photos are so fun! That black and white houndstooth is very handsome and stylish!