Friday, September 17, 2010

Well, we are only 6 short weeks away from Brittany and Kristen's trip up north! The collar sales have been going great, we have raised enough money to pay for this trip and most of another, there is a chance that Brittany and I may do another trip in May so we will keep on selling and hope to raise enough for that one as well!

This video was created by the shelter for the annual Thank You dinner that is held for drivers. I had to miss it as I was out of town but Brittany and Kristen went and had a wonderful time. Take a moment to watch it, I dare you not to cry!


  1. Hi B&B!
    Yep.... tears!
    Such a great video, and I too thank all of you puppy-angels who drive these sweet dogs "home"!


  2. Being a big dog lover I couldn't help but watch this video, and yes the tears where running down my face.My bella who also came from another state to n.h. got a second chance. she's a loving dog and brings so much joy to my life.. thanks to everyone thats out there driving long hours to help are 4 legged friends.


  3. Just want to say great video I work at the nashua shelter and we love see the dogs come in you guys do such a great job and make are jobs here in Nh easier by give wonderful four legged friends