Thursday, October 28, 2010

The passengers are chosen!

Here is the full list of the 33 lucky ducks (dogs) that are hitchin' a ride to NH with Brittany and Kristen!  ALL dogs that make this journey are lucky but these are extra lucky as they get to go with the two coolest girls from Birmingham to New Hampshire!  Note that there is one named Brookie and one named Brooke.  I hope that they can represent me well! This is when it starts to become 'real',  when you see these beautiful faces!

 Little Hooch
 Lucky Charms
 Mister - Has been waiting for his forever home since July. Mister, it is going to be worth the wait!
 Molly - Not many came with 'comments' but this one came with a note that says 'sweet dog'.  Joan?
 Pixie- Was dropped off in the parking lot and the owner was overheard saying 'someone will pick it up'.  You bet cha', someone is gonna pick 'it' up and drive it to New Hampsire!!!!
 Cocoa Puff


  1. lucky, lucky precious dogs indeed!
    they are all so sweet and beautiful- makes me tear up just seeing their faces.

    safe travels to the puppy angels driving these pups "home"!!


  2. God speed and to those precious puppies in your keeping!

    Susan (Joanie's sister)

  3. They took a slight detour but are on their way home. All those cute faces- I could just hug them all. Be careful girls! xo

  4. Best of luck on your travels today ladies! I will be checking in on you throughout the day and night. THANK YOU for saving these babies lives! Keep those little ones warm! They are tiny!