Wednesday, June 3, 2009


We will be on the road for over 40 hours and obviously will be eating a lot of meals along the way. And although neither of us are ashamed of our love of McDonalds, we have decided that in order to keep our energy and spirits up, we probably need to try to eat as healthy as possible on the road. This is pretty much impossible unless we pack a cooler and bring the food with us. From what we hear, there is an extremely limited amount of space but we don’t plan on packing anything other than one change of clothes and shared a bag of toiletries. So, we should be able to fit a cooler up front with us. The only food we have though of so far is some O’Carrs chicken salad. For those of you in Birmingham, I’m sure you know what I am talking about and if not, shame on you, go get some NOW! They sell it by the pound and I think it would be a great snack to take a long. But, other than that we are stumped. Do any of you have some healthy recipes that we could prepare in advance to take along on the trip?


  1. Hi ladies! My sister sent me a link to your blog and I'm so impressed to hear about the Shelter Partners Program - it makes so much sense!! Yet it wouldn't exist without caring volunteers like you. I just made a small donation in honor of my 2 dogs and 3 cats, all of whom are rescues.

    As far as what to snack on while you drive up to NH, my recommendation would be dried organic fruit - at Whole Foods you can buy the mango by Kopali Organics which is not only delicious, it also directly benefits the small farmer named Ernesto who grew it on his farm in Sinaloa, Mexico. (full disclosure: I used to work for Kopali so I can vouch both for the awesome taste and the small farmers who grow the line of products and benefit from your purchase)

    As far as mix CDs, I live too far to drop one off but I would recommend downloading some songs by Dar Williams - great tunes, powerful lyrics. Also, Maria Daines' song "Abandoned in Romania," which talks about the plight of stray dogs in that country, is very moving (and appropriate for your trip)!

    Best of luck, travel safe!


  2. Hi there :) Rebecca Hughes sent me the link to your blog — what you are doing is WONDERFUL! I am so impressed and touched. My husband and I have a heart for rescue dogs...we love your mission! I love to talk about food, and healthy eating, so I'll just ramble off my ideas/thoughts...

    I am a big fan of peanut butter on the road, and it doesn't have to stay cool, so you won't need to take up cooler space. You can make a quick PB sandwich (bring a loaf of whole-wheat bread), or dip celery in it...etc.

    Fiber One bars (we like the Oats & Chocolate kind) - filled with fiber to keep you full.

    Trail mix w/ mixed nuts, dried fruit, m&ms, salted pretzels, etc...good for snacking.

    Two words: Beef Jerky! (High protein, low fat)

    Hummus - Bring some whole-wheat pitas to dip (and you can use them to make chicken-salad sandwiches...and peanut butter, too)

    String cheese

    Have fun, and drive safely! :)

  3. We'll have a granola making party before you guys leave and we can put in whatever you like!
    Woop woop!

    Beef Jerky = ick.

    But those Fiber One bars are off the hizzy! Although, there is an emphasis on the Fiber and you ARE stuck in a car trying to make as few stops as you can...... I'm just saying!


  4. how about some carrot sticks or wasssssabi almonds, grapes or apples are always fun cause they take a long time to eat and they fill you up,,,, not to mention they make a lot of noise too..