Wednesday, June 10, 2009


We asked friends, family, donors and readers to send us photos of their dogs (most of which are rescues) and here they are. These beautiful faces are the reason we are doing this trip! Send us a photo of yours, we'd love to add more to the list!

Randy's Dillon

Randy's Nebula

Randy's Pepper

Jess and Brett's Sammie

Chace and Josh's Molly

Jimmy's Charlie

Ed & Connie's Brown Bird, PHD (The Professor)

Erika's Paisley and Penelope

Anastasia's Zac

Anastasia's Sunny

Anastasia's Mini Moo

Anastasia's Lina and Elvis

Nikki and Logan's Chance and Josie

Jeff's Charlie

Taylor's Lucy

Taylor's Emmie

Taylor's Charlotte (Charlie)

Rebecca's Poker

Kristen's Norah Belle

Valerie's Lulu, Jack and Millie

Bryn's Charlotte

Brenda's Finn

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