Tuesday, June 9, 2009


We have been promised a lot of mixed CD’s, although the only person we have actually received one from is our Dad. But to be honest, his is one of the ones I am most excited about! Our Dad started off his career as a DJ at the local radio station back in the 60’s. And from what I hear, he was one cool cat! We requested a mixed CD full of oldies and he didn’t just make us one, he made us three. I can’t wait!

But long with all the mixed CD’s that I’m sure we will be receiving soon, there is one band in particular that we will be blaring on our road up north, Guster.

Those of you that know me know that Guster is my favorite band. I even named my cat after them. They only come around these parts about once every two years and it just so happens that they will be in Birmingham the weekend of our trip. When we started looking at dates, the weekend of the 19th just seemed to work the best for everyone and when I looked at my calendar and saw that it was the same weekend as City Stages, the festival they will be playing at, I decided it would be worth it to skip out on my bi-yearly Guster concert. They actually are playing on Sunday night at 7:30 so there is a small possibility that I would be able to make it. Although something tells me that even if I am back in Birmingham by then, I’ll probably be in bed. But, there is a chance I could catch a second wind. So, if any of you are at City Stages Sunday night and see a tall girl with huge bags under her eyes and smells like dog poo, that’s me! I know Brittany will be kind and let me listen to all the Guster I want on the trip and we shall live by the words from my favorite Guster song, The Captain…

It’s simple so says the Captain

Face forward

Move slow

Forge ahead

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