Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Ok, so I know that we talked all this big game about eating healthy on our trip in an attempt to keep our energy up. But, there is going to be one exception..... Pal’s. Lovely, glorious, mouth watering Pal’s.

Pal’s is a fast food restaurant in our home town of Kingsport Tennessee which we will be passing through. In 1956 Pal Barger opened the first Pal’s restaurant and he now has 21 locations throughout East Tennessee and Southwest Virginia. Pal’s is the most efficient restaurant you will ever visit. A drive thru line that might take 20 minutes at McDonald's will take about 5 at Pal's. They even won the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality award in 2001 which was presented to them by President Bush. This was (and I believe still is) the first time this award which is usually reserved for manufacturing type companies, was awarded to a restaurant. Unfortunately for us (and you), Pal’s has no plans to franchise. Most of the time, when I go to Kingsport for a visit, I’ll stop by Pal’s before I even go home. My personal record for the most Pal’s eaten in one weekend is almost embarrassing. Especially since they added breakfast items. Whenever Brittany and I have a friend that we know will be passing through Kingsport (a very busy south/north interstate passes right through K-town) on a trip, we make sure that they stop at Pal’s. They are never disappointed. We even got an e-mail from one of those folks when we sent out our blog information. He asked if we would be stopping to get Pal’s for all the dogs. The pups are out of luck but Brittany and I certainly will be enjoying it on our way up north and probably again on our way back south. We suggest that if you are ever around those parts, that you do the same. If not for the food, at least to check out the amazing architecture!


With the exception of the two original locations, they all look like this!

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  1. Wow! Now Pal's will be famous worldwide! Actually, I think it already is!