Saturday, June 20, 2009

We're Alive!

We are in our hotel room in Hartford, Conneticut. We have A LOT to share with you guys but for now here is a short update. Once we dropped the dogs off (they were sooooo happy) we decided to get the oil changed on the van because it was due and the oil light was coming on. We also wanted them to check a noise we had been hearing. After sitting at the auto shop for 4 hours we learned that a bearing in the drive shaft was bad.....LONG LONG story which I promise we will tell, but we are now flying home tomorrow. The van has been dropped off to be repaired (parts had to be ordered). In over 80 some trips, ours is the first that something like this has happened! But don't worry donors, we are STILL going to come in under budget. We got both our flights for $300 which is almost what our gas for the second leg would have cost anyway. We can't wait to be home and promise to tell you more later. We are currently at 35+ hours without ANY sleep so we are waiting on our pizza to be delivered and then off to bed we go. Thanks for your support along the way, you guys are amazing!


  1. Oh my goodness.. well, I hope you are fast asleep now and have a very quick flight home!!

  2. You guys are so AWESOME! Glad all has gone well so far(even with the van repairs).