Wednesday, May 19, 2010

8 Days!

8 days and counting! We are getting very excited about our trip, it is hard to believe that the time is here. We have not received the information on which shelters we will be going to or which dogs we will be taking, but I did snag these cuties off the Shelby County Humane Society site today.....maybe some of them will be traveling with us!

On another note, we have exciting news! Brittany has been selected as a new Board Member for the Shelby County Humane Society! She is very excited and I am very proud of her!


  1. I am sooo excited for you!!! Keep us updated!! Any special travel requests or needs?

  2. SO fun! I can't wait to follow your journey again!!!

  3. That is fabulous news about Brittany being on Shelby's board! How lucky they are to have her!

  4. They are so cute! Can you drop one off at my house on the way?