Tuesday, May 25, 2010

3 Days!

Wow, hard to belive that we leave in three short days! We found out which shelters we will be going to, The New Hampshire Humane Society and The Salem Animal Rescue League. We don't have any details on any of the dogs yet, but we will be sure to post some photos on Friday!

Shelby Humane shared some great news today, their intake in 2009 was down 17% from 2008! That is a total of 1200 fewer animals coming in. This has allowed them to include some dogs from from The Greater Birmingham Humane Society on the trips as well which is wonderful!

I also learned today that Brittany and Andin from my bible study and supper club have signed up to do the trip over Labor Day weekend, I am so excited for them and can't wait to hear about their first experience!


  1. OhMyGosh- I am so excited that you & Brittany are making this trip!! Y'all are just the best!
    I could have sworn that I saved your email, but can't find it... will you please email me?! I want to make sure that you have all my contact info for your trip.

  2. I forgot to say how WONDERFUL it was to read that Shelby's intake was down by 17%- that is absolutely amazing! Yay!

  3. My little sister, Joan (for the love of a house) told me about your trip! I have donated for the love of Ella, Vince and Roxi.

    Safe travels!