Thursday, December 16, 2010

Rachel Ray!

What a great day!  Kristen really wanted to go to a Rachel Ray book signing tonight in Birmingham but was unable to make it to Books a Million to get her line assignment so being the great friend that Brittany is, Brittany went to get one for her.  While she was there Brittany just went ahead and got one for herself even though she was not planning on going to the signing because of prior plans. 

Well, everything happens for a reason and when Brittany talked to Michelle - a fellow board member at Shelby Humane today, Michelle had the great idea to go meet Rachel and see if she might be interested in buying one of the Shelby Humane ornaments.  But Michelle didn't know about the line assignments.....but Brittany had an extra!!

So - Michelle and Jenny (another board member) went to the signing and met Rachel!  She was super sweet, and bought an ornament.  Apparently she picks a local rescue group to donate part of her proceeds from each signing to.  She picked the Basset Hound rescue here in Bham which just happens to be where Kristen's new pup Chandler came from!  Rachel Ray has raised $1.4 MILLION dollars so far!  Wow!  Read about it here.

Also check out the great article about Shelby Humane and One Dog at a Time in the latest Over the Mountain Journal!

Merry Christmas!


  1. Brooke. Thank you for posting this! Rachel was great! Cute. As. A. Button. I would like to add that not only did Basset Hound Rescue of Alabama have the honor of being featured at the signing, but Rachel Ray donated $7500 to BHRA. This will be used to help with the medical costs of all the sweet basset babies. Just remember BHRA is just one of our many great rescue organizations in Birmingham that are in need of our support. Thank you, Rachel Ray! Merry Christmas!

    For more information about BHRA and all of the precious Bassets up for adoption please check out

    P.S. Brooke, I love the new header. "Three Friends"...I'm honored!

  2. what a great story!

    and how lucky is Chandler Bing to have Kristen as his new adopted mommy?!!!

    xo to you three!

  3. Just found you through Joan's blog....what you all are doing is so great!

    Many blessings for many rescue's in the new year!!!
    xo Jessica~

    Very cool about Rachel Ray btw!