Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Merry Christmas!

I just got this e-mail from Brittany (of Brittany and Andin) about one of the dogs that was on their trip back in September.  Brittany said that Max was very very timid and did not want to come out of his crate.  This just makes my heart swell!   Merry Christmas to all of you!

Hi everybody (written from the view of Max)--

I asked my companion, Peter A Thomas, to take my picture and and send it to you. He adopted me in September, I think. My name used to be Mario, but now its Max (which suits me much better). I am SO HAPPY to be with him. It has taken me awhile to learn to trust him and his friends since I had a rough puppyhood, but I am so aware of his love and caring that I am relaxing and want to please him.

We go for a walk every morning on the way to his dental office, usually in the marsh, then I spend the morning in my own room in his office on a Tempurpedic dog bed! At lunch, we usually go to the beach where I sometimes meet up with dog buddies of all shapes and sizes. Sometimes we chase each other around like mad—so much fun. Then, its back to the office for my afternoon nap.

He takes me everywhere he goes, but I know I won’t be going to Colorado for Christmas with him and his mother. One of his helpers will be taking care of me—she has a pug, but playing with a pug is beneath me.

Life is good!

Thanks for introducing me to Peter—he’s my kind of guy.

Merry Christmas, Max


  1. I love, love happy endings! Did I say I love when a dog finally finds his way home?! I am so happy for Max and Peter. This is a wonderful Christmas story. Thank you my friends for touching so many lives! xo

  2. Now that's a real Christmas present! I am so very happy for Peter and Max, and that they found each other- sounds like they make the perfect pair! How lucky they both are indeed!

    A huge thank you and hugs to Brittany and Andin for making this wonderful story posssible.

    Happy Holidays to all!

  3. Fantastic !!! My eyes are watering from simply reading this post. You ladies are my heroes. Thanks for stepping up and doing what so many of us want to do, but don't- for whatever reasons. I will gladly donate. I hope you do this for as long as you can :)

  4. J'aime les blogueurs de partager cet article m'a profondément touché, je vous remercie de partager, espérons de voir votre travail à nouveau....