Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Collar Crafts

Hello Everyone! 

Brittany and I had a great night last Friday cranking out some collars.  Brittany and Kristen have sold over $300 worth of collars (all proceeds are going towards their trip in October)!  Kristen does not know how to sew so she has been cutting and ironing the collars which is a HUGE help.  Brittany has been sewing them and I, well, until Friday I hadn't contributed much.  Oops.

Brittany taught me how to sew them together and we ate pizza, drank wine, and made collars.  While sewing we reminisced about our dog trip (and I started to get a little sad that I wasn't going on this trip in October).  Of course Joan came up, I cannot tell you how often we talk/think about Joan.  So, we decided to send her a text and let her know about collar craft night and that we were thinking about her.  A few minutes later Joan called and we had a great speaker phone conversation.  It was wonderful to catch up and hear her voice.  We are kindered spirits!   There are many reasons that I am jealous that Brittany and Kristen will be driving to NH without me, but the fact that they get to see Joan is the one that I am most jealous about!

Here are some of Brittany's co-workers dogs modeling their new collars!

For those of you not from Alabama - this is our University of Alabama collar.  Big seller.  I about fell out of my chair when Brittany sent it to me, hilarious.  Brittany and I are both Auburn fans but have yet to find some Auburn fabric.  It is about to be football season around these parts and we take our football very seriously. 

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  1. omgosh.... y'all are killin' me here. I'm sitting here crying- too,too,too sweet! I loved talking to you both and love now seeing the photos of y'all sewing! I'm glad to see y'all are drinking wine responsibly while sewing- in stemless glasses so nothing will spill on all that beautiful fabric!!
    The collars are G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S!!!!!!!!!! And that Auburn collar is so classy! Congrats on all the sales!
    Y'all are both amazing!