Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Brittany and Andin

Hello everyone!  We have two exciting bits of news.

My friends Brittany (different Brittany!) and Andin are doing a dog drive this weekend!  They will be traveling to the New Hampshire Humane Society and to the Salem Animal Rescue League.  Please keep them in your prayers! 
                                                                                Andin and Brittany

Brittany (sister) and I are meeting them for dinner tonight to talk through any questions that they have.  I remember how nice it was to talk to some friends that had done the trip before we went on ours, so I am happy to return the favor.   They do have a blog but I'm not sure if they will be blogging along the way or just do a recap when they get back. 

Second bit of news is that we finally have set up a Etsy site just for our collars.  Brittany and Kristen have been doing a fantastic job of selling collars and have raised quite a bit of money.  Check out our store here.  Also - there will be an article coming out in the Birmingham News in the next few weeks about our collars!  We will be sure to share a link once it come out - very exciting!

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  1. How exciting- wishing them a wonderful trip! Please be sure they have my number just in case!