Friday, May 29, 2009

I just got an e-mail about a great way to contribute to the Shelby Humane Society for FREE! By registering on and accessing your favorite online stores from their site, a percentage (up to 26%) of all your purchases will go to the Shelby Humane Society. They have over 700 sites participating including Pottery Barn, Snapfish, Endless,, Gap, Banana Republic, iTunes, Ballad Designs, Best Buy and soooo many more. Many participants also run specials for iGive shoppers such as free shipping. All you need to do is use this link to register

Happy Shopping!


  1. Oh Beliver Brittany and Brave Brooke...what an amazing adventure you have ahead of you...just think of all of the funny stories you will have to tell, not to mention the good that you are doing for those precious animals and our community. I love you both and support you all the way. I can't wait to make your cd. I will give my $$ directly to Britt..... Happy Trails Sistas!!

  2. So as soon as commission check time rolls around one of the pups is MINE! I wanna pick my pup to sponsor...can I do that?