Tuesday, June 29, 2010

All Kinds of Good News!

Brittany and her friend Kristen have signed up to take trip to New Hampshire at the end of October!    I am very excited for them, and slightly jealous as well!  I know that Brittany and Kristen will make a great team, those are going to be some lucky dogs.
Me, Kristen and Brittany

Brittany and Kristen came up with a great fundraising idea for their trip, to sell dog collars handmade by the three of us.  We don't have all the details worked out quite yet, but we will soon add them to my etsy store, with all proceeds going towards their Shelter Partners trip in October. 

One more note, I recieved this info from the Salem Animal Rescue Leage about one of our pups.

"Bella was adopted to a gentleman that came all the way up from Cape Cod to meet her yesterday. He is a single older guy who is very quiet and gentle. He had a dog that resembled Bella for many years and was very interested in her when he spotted her on line. He drove a coupld of hours up to meet her and we had a little glitch getting her to the shelter from our foster home so he had to wait another two hours to meet her. Although he knew the minute his eyes set on her she was going home with him he spent a few hours getting to know her before he adopted her. He left just in time to catch the ferry back to the islands where they will live together. Very nice adoption."

Sweet Bella and her new owner!


  1. make sure you post a link to your etsy site...penny and i will definitely be ordering some new collars from you to help out with the upcoming fall trip!

  2. LOVE THIS BROOKE! Your collars are beautiful! YEA for Brittany and her friend! Can't wait to see you soon and get some pointers for my trip! I cannot wait, it's just around the corner!

  3. Hi B1&B2!

    I am crying reading about Bella's story. They look like a perfect match. And to think... they found each other to love because of you two! Your hearts must be so happy!

    Can not wait to see your cute collars! What a great idea. Ella is known to have a collar or two:):) After yesterdays purchase she is somewhere in the 30's!! A girl can never have too many collars, yes?!!


  4. Oh and..... How CUTE are you three?!!! Y'all are all so pretty!