Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Still Here!

Hello everyone! We have not forgotten about you guys but have not received too much information to pass along. I did find out that all but 4 of our dogs that went to the Cocheco shelter have been adopted and most of the ones at the NHSPCA have as well! Both shelters have promised to send us updates from the new owners as they come in. Considering it has been just over two weeks, they should be getting updates pretty soon.

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  1. Hello! I got to your blog through Andi, and I have fallen in love with the lab Josie! I live in Dothan and we do not have any labs in our shelter. I am thinking that since the move Marley, there might be a few labs abandoned. Do you check the shelby humane society often? Is there anyway to see if there are any labs there now? Let me know the best way to figure all this out please! or Thank you!